The passion for music that resounds in cellist Jonas Pap's play, has possibly to do with the meaning of music in his childhood. Jonas moves a lot as child, and lives in different places, but constantly there is music to be heard and to be played. For him, music is constantly there, the cello is his travelling companion. His mother and father, both musicians, have an enormous collection of records and cd's, from Bach, Mozart and Palestrina to the Beatles, Coltrane and Ligeti. Therefore, Jonas likes to balance between 'classical' and 'light'.

From 2001, he is doing a music-vocational education. He started with a classical education at the academy of music of Zwolle, and was taught by cellist Ran Varon. Besides the regular education, Jonas attended different masterclasses in, for example, Switzerland. After a couple of years the interest towards 'light music' could not stay out. Since September 2004, Jonas studies 'cello light music' at the academy of music of Arnhem. Apart from the classical lessons taught by RenÈ Berman, there are the 'light' lessons by Ernst Reysiger, Paul Stauthammer and MichaÎl Gustorff.

Performing is in his blood. He could barely touch the strings, when he already performed at different stages in Europe, varying from the Concertgebouw, old churches and cathedrals, under the mill of Moulin Rouge in paris and the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. Jonas Pap also confers his cooperation during the recording of different kinds of cd's and dvd's regurlaly. On Epica's last album 'We Will Take You with Us', we can hear Jonas 'acoustically' as well as 'heavy'. Besides recording cd's, Jonas has accompanied different 2-Metersessies of, for example, Feeler, Epica and Stone Sour. As a cellist, Jonas played with different types of bands this year, such as Epica, a balladeer, Benjamin Winter, the Royal Dutch Disco Phylharmonic and he visited different studio's including the Wisseloord Studio.

The rehearsing, playing with musical friends and the performing is his greatest passion. Therefore, we can hear him often as a soloist or as the companion of instrumentalists and vocalists.